What’s New From Apple?

Every year Apple has been releasing a new generation of their devices which are: their Mac computer series, their iPod products, their iPhone and their iPad product. Lately Apple has launched additional models of their iPad, in particular a smaller version of the iPad which is set to compete with Amazon’s Kindle brand of tablets as well as Samsung’s Galaxy phones. In fact the market of smart phones, tablets and computers is sort of merging. There is no clear separation anymore between a particular kind of devices since most of these gadgets are changing size and features all of the time and resemble their competition. So not only is there no more clear boundary between devices from different brands but also between different products from separate categories.

Apple nonetheless has still been able to carve out a significant market share for their products. As such accessory product manufacturers have always been focusing on Apple devices. In fact, some ipod dock models only work with Apple portable devices. If Apple didn’t have such a huge market share, there certainly would not be any manufacturers willing to devote some of their accessory products to Apple portable devices. In contract, you will hardly be able to find any company offering accessories which are exclusive to cell phones from brands with a small market share.