What is Web Design?

If you have been doing a bit of research about starting your own website, you have probably come across a lot of tips about good Web design. However, you could be asking yourself, “What is Web design?” Web design is an essential part of starting and maintaining a website, and it includes multiple different factors.

The Layout of Your Site
The layout of your website refers to how content is displayed and how you skip from one page to another. Having a layout that is easy and pleasant to look at and simple to navigate is essential, so it is crucial to put a lot of time into this planning step.

The Color Schemes of Your Website
You can’t just use a lot of random colors on your website and expect for it to look good. Instead, you have to put some thought into the colors that you will use. You might to choose colors that are commonly associated with your brand, or you could look for colors that will simply be aesthetically pleasing. Along with choosing colors that look good, however, you also have to make sure that these colors don’t make your website difficult to read and view.

The Photos That are Used on Your Site
Unfortunately, you can’t just choose random pictures and graphics from the Internet and use them on your website. Instead, you have to look for graphics that aren’t copyrighted or create your own. It is important to have at least a few graphics and photos on your site, however, so this is an important thing to focus on when planning your website design.

The Other Content That is Used on Your Site
Pictures aren’t the only things that you will use on your site, so you will have to put some thought into the other content that you will use. For example, you might choose to incorporate videos into your site, or you could use other forms of media.

The Viewability of Your Website
Just because a website looks good on your computer doesn’t mean that it will look good to other people who view it. One important part of designing a website is making sure that each and every page looks good on all computers and mobile devices. This step can take a little while, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Is Your Website Ready for Search Engine Optimization?
If you want your website to be as successful as possible, you will want to optimize it for search engines. Along with handling other tasks, you will need to make sure that your page is easy for search engine spiders to crawl and that it doesn’t contain faulty links or codes that could cause you to be penalized by the major search engines.

Tweaking of Codes
No matter how hard you try to make your website look perfect, there is a good chance that you will need to tweak your coding a little bit. One important part of website design is viewing your website from multiple devices and then tweaking your code until it looks good for everyone who might take a look at it.