The New Project House That I Purchased

About a month ago I was driving down the street when I saw something that caught my eye. It was a house for sale sign. Now I realize that this is not something that is out of the ordinary but the thing that caught my eye was the condition of the house. The house was in very bad shape and when I see something like that, the one thing I immediately think is deal. I see a great project that I can make a lot of money off of and that is something that is good in my book.

So I called the number and started talking to the real estate agent and it turns out that they were asking a low price for the house. Asking such a low price was great in that I could afford it and it left a lot of room for me to be able to dump money into the project and then sell the house for a profit.

So I ended up buying the house. I just started working on it this week as the transfer finally went through. The house is located in Rhode Island and one of the first things that I did was call up a gutter installation RI company and have them come out and put new gutters on the house. Most of the gutters are missing on the house and the ones that are there are in very bad shape.

Once they came out I was not too happy with the gutters that they had so I called up a Boston seamless gutters company and had them drive down to RI because I knew that I wanted seamless gutters. I wanted them to last and I did not want to have to think about them again. Plus it is a great selling feature to have as well.