The Cost Of A Potty Rental

Preparing for a big event can be very expensive. But you need to look into every minor details to make sure that the occasion will come out successful. In fact, even renting a portable toilet must be considered if the affair entails a lot of guests. However, one common concern shared by many customers is the cost of a potty rental. Though you have unlimited options to choose from like porta potty rentals and many others, you need to consider your budget too. Hence, it pays to know how much a potty rental costs before you include it on your lists of things to prepare.

Obviously, the cost of this fixture will depend on many things including its model, quality, site it will be delivered, numbers of units needed and length of use. But expect to avail discounts if you order for numerous units. Using it longer will also allow you to avail it in cheaper price. Generally, a small construction site unit can be availed at $200 per month. However, for a model with more features, you can rent them at a range of $100-$200 per unit daily. These are often employed for special occasions like parties and not for long term basis. But the most expensive types are the best models with more amenities costing up to $300-$1,500 per day. And the amount of the unit will all depend on the units size and amenities added.

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