Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Surgery

If you are an overweight or obese person who is planning to consider weight loss surgery, you must be aware of the advantages and the potential risks associated with weight loss surgery.

Gastric Banding weight loss surgery: This is the safest kind of weight reduction surgery. In this kind of surgery, the surgeon makes use of an inflatable band placed around the upper portion of the stomach to partition the stomach into two parts; a small upper pouch and a large lower pouch.

This gastric band reduces the diameter of the connecting channel between these two pouches thus slowing down the rate at which food empties into the lower pouch; this reduces the speed at which you can consume food and it also reduces the size of foods that can you can eat. You can consider quality of care center to opt for weight loss surgery.

Pros of Gastric Banding weight loss surgery:

1. Life threatening complications are less.

2. It is a reversible procedure; the band can be removed very soon.

3. It needs a very short hospital stay (approx. less than 1 day of hospital stay).

4. It does not lead to reduced absorption of other necessary nutrients because it does not involve the cutting of any part of the intestine of the body.

Cons of Gastric Banding weight loss surgery:

1. It is commonly associated with vomiting especially if you do not limit your consumption of food after this surgery.

2. The bands might slip out its position or become very loose.

3. This surgery is not a quick fix; if you want to attain your fitness and fat loss goals with this type of surgery, you have to combine this operation with adequate diet changes and stick to exercise on regular basis.

4. Most insurance companies do not back up Gastric Banding.

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