How To Make Your Website Attractive To Visitors

If you have to place videos on your website it is best to have one page with all your videos and simply label the page as your videos section. Then when you list and article or fresh content you can place a link within the article to the video directly. These links are called internal links and actually help to improve the ranking of your website. Now your visitors will be sent to a page where all the videos are playing.

To help improve the ranking of that video page you should take the time to go into the meta fields and image tags and label the video so the search engine spiders are aware what that content is. The spiders can not see videos or images and rely on the tags you place on them to tell what they are crawling. These tags are a very important feature that will help your search engines to correctly index and rank and page that has video content on it.

The same can be said for images on your website. This web design company say that many website owners try to cram too many images on the web pages in an attempt to make the page more visually appealing. The opposite effect will happen if your page is clutter and runs slow because of the excessive images. Remove the clutter and speed up your website because not everyone viewing your pages has high speed internet connections.