How To Choose A Half Marathon Training Program

It is always a good idea to take advice from an expert runner when you have decided to run in a half marathon. Runner always need to setup their training program. But how do you select which training program is the best? Here are some points to remember when choosing training for half marathon race.

How have you been doing in the past races that you participated? This is the first step to consider. If you can already do 5km race and are you running at least three times a week, then you have a good base to build up from. But if you haven’t been a part of any races before, it is always best to start with short distance. You can also search half marathons 2014 program on the internet.

The first rest training is at least once a week. Rest training involves running at faster than race speed for a short period of time and then recovering in between with light jogging or walking. The alternating between high power training and recovery helps develop your overall speed and strengthen your muscles. The final part of a training program you should keep in mind is your nutrition and you also necessity to keep your energy levels up.