Exploring catalytic converters

With air quality becoming a growing concern many places are requiring that a vehicle is equipped with a exhaust catalytic converter even if it is so old that it didn’t come with one from the factory. There are many cars that predate 1975 that are still on the road today. That year was the year that the exhaust catalytic converter was introduced on vehicles. Prior to that people didn’t really see a need for it. As the air pollution increase, there was an outcry for something to be done about it. Not only were Americans not using catalytic converters at the time, but they were also using leaded gasoline. This led to a rise in air pollution which also contributed to an increase in acid rain. Acid rain is very corrosive and can deface monuments and statues.

By implementing these converters on to the latest models cars, at the time, environmentalists were hoping that they could decrease the amount of harmful chemicals that were being released into the air so that the environment would be a cleaner place for future generations. More than thirty years later, catalytic converters are still widely used on vehicles today. There are also several distributors of these converters for classic cars as well so that muscle car enthusiasts can still be environmentally conscious when they take their pride and joy out of the garage and on to the freeway. If more people took the time out to have these installed they could lower emissions considerably.