All About Designer Lash Extensions

If you’re tired of having thin and sparse eyelashes, eyelash extensions should be used by you to obtain a long, beautiful and complete look. The best thing using the extensions may be the fact that whenever they’re located on your lids and you think they do not look good, you have the choice to have them removed any moment or wait until they fall-off on their own.

You should perhaps not confuse these lashes with fake eyelashes. False lashes are likely to be glued onto your lash point as the extensions are individually attached with your natural lashes. You will not need to use mascara in it, once you have the extensions. You must look for the water based types that are supposed to be properly used for extensions, if you’re thinking about wearing mascara.

Utilizing an eyelash curler can be demanding and your designer lash extensions do not need these aids. They curl upwards and at a normal direction, and not direct or downward. You’ll not have to be worried about water or moisture around your eyes; so swimming and taking a bath are safe to complete while wearing the extensions.

It’s essential that you wait each day before water touches your eyes so that the procedure could have settled in your eye lids and become stronger and less tender.

Throughout the time you will be carrying the lashes, you may go to the salon to possess touch ups and to ensure they are looking good and right. As time passes, you are going to become accustomed to your new look and you’ll also know how to clean and care for them.